Sunday, January 30, 2011

After long years in hibernation..........

We slake off the dust of these ages, like sack cloth and snake skin.
We seek to evolve society, and to no longer sells false promises and snake oil, those who want it ~~ can wring it out of the serpent themselves, the poisoned will be given no treatment, ~ only the cure,~~ but only if the want it, and can bare it.

No Institutions only Ideas.
Establishments without Form.
Flux with Reason but not in Reason, with Logic the only Control.
No Rationalism without Empiricism.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Riffing off a phrase.

Is it such a terrible thing that one should wish to destroy everyone and everything, after all, is not the destructive urge allso a creative one? Is it not true that for the new to exist, the old must go away to some degree. Room must be made. But is the making of that room part of the same action of creating that which is to go into it or is it an intirely seperate action. What is the relationship between actions of creation and actions of destruction, obviously when placed far apart there need be no relationship between the two but when they are closer together in time and space, well then perhaps then there is some question to be had.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

How to do.

One should not write for the joy of the meaning that can be contained within language one should write for the joy of the words themselves, a joy unconstrained by higher truth and words unconstrained by the boudaries of language.
Truth is not beautiful beauty is simply true allways and forever.
Things should be what they are uncomplicated.
They should be done for the sake of themselves.
Write so that you may write, for if you did not write then you would not be writing.
Draw that you may draw, for if did not draw then you would not be drawing.
Do that you may do, for if you did not do then you would not be doing.

'Why are you doing this?' the pilgrim cried
'If i were not doing this then it would not be doing,
if i were not doing this then i would not be doing it, and it would not be done atleast not by me.' replied the master.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Kingdom far far away closer than you think.

One day, in a kingdom far, far away a painting contest was held between the official court artist and a lowly beggar, both of whom claimed that they, were the greatest in all the land, both of whom had slaved, tirelessly over endless weeks to paint the most magnificent painting possible, so that they would go down in history as the greatest, or at least the greatest until next years ‘Artist Idol’. And so, upon the day of the contest, both artists were asked to unveil their master works. The official court artist went first, unveiling a magnificent and yet ever so slightly boring picture of a long banquet table with sumptuous meats and fruits of every variety the sort of thing that the king was very used to and very fond of “look at that” said the king “its magnificent, even the cutlery is magnificent, it shines magnificently” at that very moment a magpie in agreement with the kings final statement swooped down in order to take some of the painting for its nest and was immediately set upon by the court guards who failed to catch the bird but none the less completely wrecked the painting much to the collective aghast of all those present, the artist sensing that he needed to find some saving grace in this if he was to save his neck shouted out "but look at that I am such a brilliant artist that I have fooled nature itself" which went down very well indeed at this point the king sensing that he needed to put in an appearance lest his people not notice him and crown the artist in his stead bore down on the beggar and said "right so you think you can do better than that do you" the beggar said nothing "well answer me, unveil you're damn painting or I’ll do it myself" the beggar said nothing nor did anything and so the king grabbed hold of the piece of cloth that covered the painting and ripped it away only to find that their was no cloth only the painting itself, the painting itself being a painting of a piece of cloth covering a painting. And before the crowd or indeed the king or indeed the court artist were able to get over their shock at this the beggar said "right, see here, that artist great as he may be was only able to fool a magpie, were as I am so great that I’ve made the king, himself look like a right twat and make no mistake "
And so at the final tally two paintings were destroyed, conceptual art was born, one magpie died of lead poisoning, and one lowly beggar was hanged for insolence.
The official court artist remains the official court artist.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Distance / Perception.

The further you go up the more and more people look like ants, go up further than that and pretty soon they look like nothing at all.

power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

how can you care about what you're to far away to see.

If you're on a tall building and the people look like ants, what do the ants look like?
If you're to far away to see them can they see you, if you think the people look like ants but the people can see you're a person who has the power?
When an ant looks at you does it see you as a giant or just as a piece of moving scenery?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The word of god {library}

I come up to the library doors, they are automatic ones with sensors that feel you're presence and send the open signal to the motors that move the doors. As I come up to them, I notice that on the other side of them is a small girl, I notice also that she has no soul, as the doors have not opened for her. To my shock, amazement, and disappointment as I come up to the doors, they, in contrast to the girl, open for me. It is not that I did not wish to enter just that I resent the idea of carrying around all of this emotional baggage from previous lives not my own . As I think this the small girl without a soul runs off with her family how much awareness she has of this mode of thinking and of the whereabouts of her soul is a secret she keeps well hidden.

Exposition against the existence of an eternal soul

It strikes me that if you where to put water into a empty vessel then the water would not hold its shape for any longer than the vessel exists by which I mean if you where to put water in a jug and you where then to smash the jug the water it contained would not hold any shape nor would it remain in the same position it would disperse repeat this action this action with other materials sand, pebbles, and other such things would do the same, clay on the other hand would probably remain in much the same place but would not be able to survive intact the breaking of the jug. As the jug breaks so must the clay break, dent, or crumble.
It strikes me that the soul is simmilar thing to these previously metioned substances it to can not survive the breaking of the body like those substances it to shall be washed away, blown away or crumble away it to will dissperse in doing so it may become part of something else but it will not be the same.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Falling trees

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound?
If a tree falls in a forest and it does not make a sound is there anyone to hear it?
If a tree falls in a forest and no one can see it can anyone hear it?
If a tree falls in the forest and a person sees it but does not hear it does it make a sound?
If a tree falls in a forest and we are told about it can we then hear it?
If a tree falls in the forest can the forest hear it?
If a tree falls in the forest and it drops on someone and kills them does it make a sound?
If the last tree falls is there a forest?
If the last tree falls is there anyone to hear it?
If the forest falls will anyone make a sound?